Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Tory NHS Privatisation Going As Planned

Seven years of Conservative underfunding of the NHS has culminated in this winters crisis with operations cancelled and waits of hours in accident and emergency and 16 hospital trusts to declaring major incidents which has led them to divert ambulances elsewhere and call in extra staff.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has come out and apologised to patients in England affected by a decision to postpone tens of thousands of operations in January.
The frustrating thing is we all know why the NHS is in crisis and we know who to blame, the Conservative Government and their NHS privatisation agenda.
It is so blatantly obvious what their game is as the Government runs down the NHS to such a state that we end up crying out for it to be privatised so we can get a hospital bed and it is even more obvious as Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister and therefore the person who controls all aspects of the NHS, co-authored a book by a group of Conservative politicians that called for the NHS to be privatised.
Since 2010 when this Government took office, they have raised the NHS Budget by 1% each year so they can say with all factually accuracy that they are paying more to the NHS then ever before but historically the NHS Budget is raised by 4% each year so since 2010, the NHS budget has been raised by 7% when it should be 28% leaving the NHS in effect 21% down.
Throw into the ring the £22 billion in cuts and the 44 hospitals and treatment centres that have been closed with a loss of 15,000 beds and it is no wonder the NHS isn't coping and a shocking 30,000 extra deaths per year are attributed to Government cuts.
Liberal Democrat Timothy Fallon was on TV today berating the Government for their inaction and asking the question just how bad does the NHS have to get before the Government step in.
The answer is they won't step in because this is exactly what they planned, to strangle the NHS until things get so bad that they have no choice but to call in private health companies to take over which has always been the Tories not so secret Holy Grail and Jeremy Hunt saying sorry for what he has done isn't going to make any difference to that.
It is said that Conservative Governments are bad for our health and now they literally are.

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