Wednesday, 10 January 2018

What’s So Civil About War, Anyway?

One of the toughest recruitment jobs must be to attract people to the military as the Full Metal Jacket quote: 'Go to exotic lands and meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture and kill them' isn't the image our boys want to portray so the Army have come up with the wheeze of trying to attract the demographic who probably don't belong in the military in the first place. 
As part of the Government austerity drive, the Army has gone from 110,000 in 2010 to 78,000 today and are currently losing almost 10,000 a year while only 8,000 are joining.
In order to plug the 2,000 a year gap, the new Army recruitment advertisement includes a new, softer touch such as you can be gay in the Army, you can get emotional, you can practise your faith, you will be listened to and you don't need to be a superhero.
Predictably, the new adverts have been criticised for failing to appeal to the people who are most likely to want to join and former officers are saying the adverts are misrepresenting the Army with their argument being that the macho culture is a necessary part of joining the army.
Whenever i criticise the military, and i do at every opportunity, i get told that the Army does more than just invade countries and kill people which they do but that's it's primary role and what they are trained to do, anything else is just secondary to that main role.
The policy should be if your ambition is to join the military, then you should be the last person we hand a powerful weapon to.  

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