Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Trump Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

This is without doubt a golden age for journalists and comedians with the reason sat in the White House stuffing his face with cheeseburgers and signing into Twitter.
Just when you think the bottom of the Donald Trump barrel has been scraped you realise that there is still a long way to go as hot on the heels of his 'Shithole countries' comments, his extra-marital affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels is revealed.    
Maybe we should pause for a recap of how we got here with the 3rd fattest US President and the star of Wishes 3 so let's start back in 2006 when Trumps wife, Melania, was at home with their new born baby and Donald was doing some stuff at the Office with that Office being a Lake Tahoe hotel suite and the stuff being Stephanie Clifford aka adult film actress Stormy Daniels.
Shortly before the 2016 election, Clifford claims to have had a series of encounters with Donald Trump, beginning in 2006 and Trump shoveled $130,000 (£94,000) towards her in exchange for keeping her trap shut which she did, denying she and the fat guy with the bad hair made the bed-springs creak in a collection of sleazy hotel rooms.
Trump’s team of lawyers shouted 'FAKE NEWS' and denied any sexual relations between the president and Stormy but overlooked the 2011 interview when Daniels had conducted a lengthy interview (and polygraph test) about the affair with In Touch magazine. Oops.
The magazine have now reprinted the interview and have made space for it in this months edition so everyone can read the gory details of something that cost Donald Trump a six figure sum but never took place.    
Most disturbing is the quote that he compared Ms Daniels to his daughter Ivanka which becomes doubly creepy when you recall how during his campaign he said if she wasn't his daughter he would date her.
As there is seemingly no depths the depraved President pervert will sink to, recall what he paid the Russian Prostitutes to do in that Russian Hotel room, you just know that the clown still has so much further to fall and the media he hates so much will be cheering him the loudest all the way down.
Journalists and comedians can't thank you enough for electing him America.


Keep Life Simple said...

you should be a US journalist. all you need is a rumor to write shit.

if only your imagination and vim for dirt applied to the pols of the left as well, then at least you could claim some modicum of neutrality... but then you would have credibility...

Falling on a bruise said...

That would be a rumour based on an interview the woman gave saying she did have sex with him and the six figure sum handed over to her. Maybe if you watched something other than Fox News you may be more up to date but it amuses me that it's your country but you don't seem to have a clue what's going on there. I know your journalism isn't up to scratch but wow, pay attention!

Keep Life Simple said...

you know what i hear all the time from the slugs on the left? "if you would watch something besides FOX news...".

i watch abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc, cnn
i listen to npr
i read ny times, wa po, usa today

but those all have the same bias

i also watch fox
i also read wall street journal

so, i get data from 9 or 10 of the dozens of left leaning sources and both of the right leaning sources...

Falling on a bruise said...

Then explain why you are so ill-informed about it?

Keep Life Simple said...

I'm not ill informed. I'm fully informed. I get my news from numerous sources representing multiple biases. It is very likely I'm far more informed than you.

The difference is that When i interpret the news i don't apply a far-left bias that:
- hates successful people
- hates the private sector
- hates personal freedom
- hates capitalism
- hates personal property rights
- hates religion and religious freedom and especially Christianity
- hates free speech
- hates whites
- hates males

In addition, I don't have to depend on others to interpret for me as I understand:
- economics
- finance, banking, insurance
- data modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence
- the scientific method and supporting statistical methods
- history
- government
- and most importantly human nature

Falling on a bruise said...

That's a concern then that you use all those sources but are STILL ill-informed or maybe it's down to a lack of understanding. Maybe try reading everything twice. Then again it could just be wilful ignorance and there isn't any cure for that.