Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Transfers Window Has Ruined My 2018 Arsenal Calendar

Transfer deadline day is always exciting as football fans check their mobile phone at every opportunity to see if their club has signed anyone or the opposite, sold someone.
As an Arsenal fan our transfer business have seen quite a few leave (Coquelin, Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud) and a couple come in (Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan) which is fine unless like me you got an Arsenal calendar for Christmas.      
While i have spent all of January looking at Sanchez who is now a Manchester United player, i also have an Everton player in Walcott to spend August with and December is with Giroud who is now wearing a Chelsea shirt.
It's not in the same league as someone shelling out £50 for a football top with a players name on the back just before he signs for another team but it is a bit of a constant reminder in Sanchez's case, of a player we once revered but we now hope pulls a hamstring which sidelines him for 3 months.    
The options i have is to cut out pictures of the new guys and glue them over the heads of the exited ones or just grab a marker pen and draw glasses and a beard on them which is my preferred option.
What Arsenal sorely need are defenders and with a few hours still to go before the transfer window closes at 11pm, there is still the hope that Arsene Wenger will dig deep into the Arsenal coffers and ruin someone else's calendar.

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