Friday, 12 January 2018

Trump Bottles It Again

The present that keeps giving which is Donald Trump has come up with another zinger to get everyone shaking their heads at him this time he has called several nations 'shitholes' although he has said he never said it. 
What he actually said was: 'if they still want to come here with me in charge, their own countries must be real shitholes' which is something altogether different.
It has been widely noted that the nations he abused are all black but as the poster-boy for the racists and Nazi's of the KKK it is par for the course so it is unlikely he would be afforded a warm welcome if he ever turned up there as he wouldn't be if he ever grows the required sized balls to come here, which he won't as he has pulled out of a UK visit for a second time, blaming Obama.   
The placards are going back in the garage as he once again bottles it in the face of massive demonstrations against him in what is supposed to a 'friendly' nation.
Trump said he was cancelling the forthcoming trip because his predecessor Barack Obama sold the old Grosvenor Square embassy for 'peanuts' and built the new one in an 'off location' despite it being George W Bush who initiated the building's move to Battersea but he won't let a little thing like facts stop him blaming the coloured guy he seems to have a deep hatred for.
Former British ambassador to the United States, Christopher Meyer, said that the President won't come here all the time he is as as unpopular among the British people as he is now which means he won't be coming anytime soon.
Maybe he can visit the Norwegians instead, he seems to like them.

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