Monday, 8 January 2018

From Hollies To Radiohead To Lana Del Rey

Seems a bit rich for Radiohead to be suing Lana Del Rey for plagiarising their 1992 song 'Creep' when they were sued for nicking it off the 1972 Holly's 'The Air That I Breathe' song and forced to share royalties with the band.
The US star claims she offered a 40% cut to the British band and states that her song 'Get Free' wasn't inspired by Creep which is either just a massive coincidence she came up with almost the exact same tune or she is just flat out lying about it.
Radiohead are holding out for 100% cut which seems excessive for a tune that they stole off someone else but then Del Ray offering to give them 40% seems to fly in the face of she didn't copy the tune.
With only a handful of chords ever used endlessly rearranged in more or less familiar ways, it is inevitable that these kinds of things will come up but i find it hard to believe that nobody during the process of making 'Get Free' mentioned how much it sounded like Creep.
That said, if Radiohead do sue her i hope that it's The Hollies who get any money to be handed out.

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