Sunday, 28 January 2018

Coming Soon: Winter Olympics 2018

The 9th February sees the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea and looking through the list of participating athletes, this one is disappointing for lovers of funny names.
The best i can offer is the Canadian Ice Hockey Rob Klinkhammer, the Pakistan Cross Country Skier Syed Human and the American Alpine Skier Breezy Johnson which is a poor return for the hundreds of athletes there who will be standing at the top of a slope and letting gravity go to work.
Long gone are the days when the likes of Dick Paradise lined up in the American Ice Hockey team against Luca Cunti of the Italian team.
No more Fanny Chmelar doing her stuff on the slopes or Seraina Boner, Herve Bastard or Simona Fartakova and the short track is a lesser place for not hearing the commentator alert us to Satoshi Sakashita on the short track.
We will have to remember the good old days when Welshman Willy Tinkler pulled on the GB vest and we watched A. Wank on the top of the ski jump making a good fist of the job in hand when he came 10th in the individual event in 2014.
As the Winter Olympics favours nations with snows and mountains, Great Britain won't be troubling the top of the leader-board but as long as we finish above those pesky Australians it will be a job well done.

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