Thursday, 4 January 2018

Run Melania, Run!!

Just when you thought there can't be any more embarassing things to be revealed about Donald Trump, up pops his old mucker and writes a whole book about who Rupert Murdoch considers to be 'a f****** idiot'.  
We now have even more to add to the already long list of tax dodging, lying, man-child, multiple bankruptcies, draft dodging, sexual assaults, urinating Russian prostitutes, racist policies, mocking the disabled, Russian collusion and having an abnormally small penis.
He never expected to win and was shocked and horrified when he did win while Melania was in tears but not of joy.
He was angry that A-listers snubbed his inauguration and was arguing with his wife throughout which isn't surprising as the next revelation is that Trump used to boast that sleeping with his friends wives made 'life worth living'.
No surprise then that Melania and him sleep in separate rooms and that lawyers for Trump are seeking to stop the release of the book to contain the damaging allegations which seems far too late as they are already out in the public sphere and besides, Trump is such a buffoon that the respect everyone has for him won't be impacted because you can't get any lower then zero.
He may have won the Presidency but in doing so he has gone from everyone just thinking he is a f***** idiot to confirming it.

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