Sunday, 28 January 2018

I See A Bad Moon Rising

The media have got rather excited about the Blue moon, super moon and blood moon combination creating a moment not seen in the skies in more than 150 year.
Before we pack our telescopes into the boot of our cars and drive towards the centre of Exmoor though the UK won't be getting the blood bit of the trio as the UK won't get the lunar eclipse which is only visible in Australia, parts of North America and bits of Asia but the moon will still be Blue and Super.
The Blue refers to a second full moon in the calendar month and it won't actually go Blue but it will be 14% larger although that won't be obvious unless you see it at Moon rise or Moon set when it near the horizon.
Not as exciting as the headlines make it out then unless, of course, you are a werewolf, whose 14% increase in size relates to a 14% larger full-moon bloodlust making the night of the 31st January more dangerous than normal for mortals.
In all exciting maybe for Astronomers but the biggest winners will be Silversmiths who will relish the extra business that will be coming their way as people start melting down that cheap jewellery in preparation.
Don't stray from the path, keep off the moors and if the back of your friends hands start sprouting hairs you may want to think about running away very, very fast.

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