Tuesday, 3 April 2018

21st Commonwealth Games

Great Britain is having a party and only a selected few are invited. Canada has an invite but not it's neighbour, Guyana but not
Brazil and Cyprus but not Greece because it's the 21st Commonwealth Games with more than 4,500 athletes from 71 nations and territories
competing for 275 gold medals in the Gold Coast, Australia.
As Great Britain is split up into its components parts for these Games, England is currently 2nd behind Australia in the all-time
medals table with Canada 3rd, India 4th and New Zealand 5th.
As it is being hosted in the land down under, it will all be taking place while all us Brits are tucked up in bed so i will have to check the scoreboard in the morning to make sure that England is still above Australia in the Medal Table but as it is in their backyard, i don't expect the plucky English to top the table this time.
Those not invited may look on with envy but remember that to qualify for the Games you would have to have been invaded by Britain at some point in your history so maybe it's not such a bad thing if your nation is not jumping, running and swimming in the Gold Coastthis month.

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