Sunday, 22 April 2018

Apple's Greed Kills Iphone 10

Apple's history has been very up and down, their computers were bested by PC's and Microsoft and after years of twiddling their thumbs they turned to MP3 players and mobile phones and Apple iphones were great but now the wheel has turned and they have nobody to blame but their own greed.
You could sense the worm turning with the decision to remove the headphone socket on the iphone 7 but to make up Apple would flog you a set of compatible Bluetooth headphones for £200 and it is just a happy coincidence that Apple owns the number one selling Bluetooth headphone company, Beats.  
Now are are up to version 10 of the iphone, cost £1000, and with sales tanking Apple are rethinking their approach of milking the iphone users and have stopped producing new iphone 10's as they have a massive backlog of unsold units.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, or TSMC, the world's largest semiconductor foundry company, are not happy as they now have an abundance of unused and useless Apple chips sat in their factory.
Apple seemed to bank on consumers being willing to pay £1000 for something a great deal better than a high end device by other manufacturers.
'The simple problem with X is that it is too expensive. Consumers are turning their backs on high-priced smartphones' said the head of TSCM and throw in the revelation that Apple were deliberately slowing down ageing devices all means that Apple are in for a bumpy time and could be forced into producing cheaper new iPhones.
Before anyone starts to feel sympathy for Apple, according to an analysis by research firm IHS Markit, the parts for the £1000 iphone 10 costs £264 which means that Apple have been making monster profits on their devices for years so the shareholders won't be begging for change or going short for a while yet.


Keep Life Simple said...

you speak with authority when explaining Apple's economic problems. i find that interesting since you don't seem to understand that much about economics, especially capitalism.

do you think it possible that they haven't managed their supply chain well enough and their costs went up? or, maybe, just maybe, the competition caught them? or, the loss of Steve Jobs hurt their operations as well as their innovation?

no, you have been quite consistent in only being able to blame economic woes on one thing, greed... must be nice to have so masterfully simplified commerce and economics. I suppose your stock portfolio must be kicking ass. if not, is it because you got too greedy...

Falling on a bruise said...

Even someone with your lack of grip on most things must realise a £1000 phone coupled with the supplier of the components saying they are too expensive leads to the conclusion that... have a stab, I'll wait.

Keep Life Simple said...

yes i have a lack of grip on things...
- successful marriage (30 years now and going strong)
- father of two awesome young women with university educations that contribute to society
- have led 25 mission trips to repair homes for the poor and ill (have roofed 125+ homes)
- 62 years old with no health problems - and can still run an 8 minute mile
- 30 patents and growing
- futurist and lead strategist for a F100 company
- finished flight school, scuba certification, concealed handgun license
- 2 master's degrees (MS data science, MBA strategy)
- bachelor degree (computer science)
- Innovation certification from Univ of Texas; Machine Learning certification from Stanford;
Lean Six Sigma Black belt; Certified project manager in Waterfall and Agile; Certified futurist from World Future Society; certified Competitive Intelligence analyst from Fuld & Company; Executive management classes from Harvard and MIT
- independently wealthy

yeah, i don't have a grip on things...

you should keep waiting...

Falling on a bruise said...

No stab then I notice?

Keep Life Simple said...

i already explained several possibilities. but you sadly think there is just one possibility.

I have a grip on life. you live in far left la la land... of course, it could mean you are a very rich person that plays on the emotions of the poor and ill and uneducated like the rest of the rich left leadership - hillary, billy, obama, kerry, gore, hollywood, kennedys, and on and on