Friday, 27 April 2018

Hitting Trump With Music

If you start saving eggs and tomatoes now you could get a decent rotting lot just in time for 13 July and Donald Trump arrival on our shores but lobbing rotten groceries at the car of the orange moron is only one way to show our displeasure with the American President, another is to hit him musically.
A campaign has been launched to get American Idiot by Green Day to No.1 in the charts ahead of the third fattest Presidents visit with the plan urging people to download the song between Friday 6th and Thursday 12th to perfectly time the song hitting No.1 the very day he arrives in the UK.
Originally a song about George W Bush, an 18 carat gold idiot himself, it is transferable to any idiot who happens to be American and idiots from America don't come much bigger than the stumpy fingered Trump and Green Day themselves have even posted support for the campaign.
Brits have a history of using music to send a messages with a campaign to stop X Factor’s dominating the Christmas No. 1 spot ended after a mission to send 'Killing in The Name' by Rage Against the Machine to No. 1.
'Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead' also reached number 2 in 2013 following the death of Margaret Thatcher but if Green Day falls flat we could always blast out the Carly Simon hit 'Yellow River' in honour of his urine parties with Russian prostitutes or even The Doors 'Riding On a Storm(y)' in memory of his riding on porn star Stormy Daniels.


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