Saturday, 7 April 2018

Two Conspiracy Theories For The Price Of One

Some conspiracy theories are so mad that occasionally just to make them a bit more madder, two are oput together to make a Superconspiracy theory which is what has happened so we know have not only a killer planet, Planet X, ploughing through space to destroy Earth but it's also responsible for climate change.
If you can disengage your brain for the rest of this post then it may become easier to understand so here we have Dr Ethan Trowbridge who claims to have worked for more than 10 years at the US Geological Survey and he believes that his former employers and NASA have been aware of this Planet X Nibiru for decades but have hushed it up but here is now whislteblowing to
blow the whole story wide open!
He claims that both Nasa and USGS have known about the planet for 30 years and he was instructed to check whether the abnormal climate change was due to the influence of this heavenly body.
Of course the globe warming dangerously is due to the fast approcahing planet but NASA have rolled their eyes at him and explained that if Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.
Okay, now you can engage your brain again and carry on, nothing to see here, especially not a whacking great big Planet honing into view and warming our planet.


Keep Life Simple said...

that is the REAL problem with 7 billion people. everything imaginable is believed and done by somebody. and, the press is eager to make a buck telling us about the freaks...

one of Lucy's bands should be the Eagles. they have a song that basically covers the hunger of the press to make a buck "...Can we film the operation, Is the head dead yet,
You know the boys in the newsroom, Got a running bet..."

Falling on a bruise said...

I like a good conspiracy theory, especially if they have a grain of truth in them. I thought the Kurt Cobain one was good as no gun residue or fingerprints is enough to make you go hmmmm.
He probably did shoot his brains out in a drug addled daze but enough there to make you wonder unlike this one which is just bonkers from the start.

Keep Life Simple said...

There were 5 special, non-family people in my life. One successfully committed suicide 18 months ago.

Robert kissed his wife goodbye as she went to work, all 4 kids were all off at university. He went down to the pond below the house and shot himself in the heart with a shotgun. The police could not get useful prints off the shotgun. There was no note.

The whole town was shocked. He had a huge family and they were close. He was a beloved coach in the community. He taught Health (including ironically "suicide prevention"). His brother-n-law committed suicide 3 years earlier and Robert was visibly shaken by the act - we talked several times about how there was never a reason to commit suicide - ever! Robert had a big church event coming up. One of Robert's daughters is a champion collegiate swimmer and had a big swim meet - Robert was her greatest fan. Robert and 3 high school friends had a reunion planned for the Gonzales "Come and Take It" weekend. Robert had no health issues, money issues, addictions, crimes looming, affairs, etc. At least, none have surfaced.

I was stunned by his death. So, I read a lot about suicide and I spoke to the police (including the High School officer that taught "suicide prevention" with Robert). How did I miss the clues? How could this happen to someone like Robert (when he was found and the call went out to the EMS, numerous police radioed "must have wrong address", a judge radioed "must have wrong address")? Nobody could believe this.

Here is what I discovered:
- only 15% leave a note (Robert did not)
- women commit suicide 10 times more than men but almost always fail to kill themselves
- men rarely fail to kill themselves
- most men that commit suicide view themselves as failures
- most have depression (Wife thought he was just sad. He completely fooled his kids. Fooled me. Fooled his church group. Fooled his brothers. Fooled his sister. Fooled his dad. Fooled his friends.). DEPRESSION IS EVIL

Falling on a bruise said...

Sad story. I don't know if it is just more widely reported now or there are more cases but suicide seems to becoming more widespread. I would say at least once a year now at our college i hear of one of our students taking their own life. So sad, you just wish you had a clue beforehand and then you could at least speak to them and try to help but yep, most times you find out afterwards depression and pressure are the major factors.

Keep Life Simple said...

it is incredibly sad. I think it is way up in America. Way up. I know it is way to high among people under 30 and among the military.

I've tried to help the sons of both men. Baron's son especially (who works at the company i work for). He and his 25 year old son, Paul, had a spat on Saturday. They sort of worked it out on Sunday. On Monday, Baron called Paul, but Paul was in a meeting at work and did not take the call. Then Baron called his nephew, Richard. He told Richard he was a fine young man and he is proud to be his uncle. He then hanged himself. Naturally, Paul blamed himself. He has had professional counseling. But, I check on him regularly and remind him that his dad was calling to tell him he was proud to be his father and that he is a fine young man. I remind him that depression is evil, and then we share good stories about his dad.

I do the same for Richard. I remind him every time we talk that is was depression and that his dad did a great job hiding his intentions from everyone. Not anybody's fault. Depression is evil.

I worry about both of them often.

Keep Life Simple said...

kinda disjointed comments. Robert's son is Richard. Robert's brother-n-law was Baron. Baron's son is Paul. Paul was also Robert's nephew.

Robert was incredibly supportive of Paul and helped Paul get thru Baron's death. I knew both father's well enough to feel an obligation to keep an eye on their sons.

In fact, the three of us are going backpacking this year. Hopefully Wyoming.