Monday, 9 April 2018

Nobel Prize For The Queen?

Politicians across the spectrum are calling for Her Majesty to be honoured for her role in the Commonwealth but does the Queen really deserve the Nobel peace prize?
No, of course not is the obvious answer and historian Richard Drayton called it: 'an absurd idea but given that the peace prize has been given to Kissinger and Obama, the bar has been set low'.
Unless i've missed it, all she has done for all her adult life is to be told to go here, go there, meet these people, entertain those, open parliament, read a speech and do a 15 minute slot on TV at Christmas talking about her family and receiving tens of millions for the privilege.
I'm sure she's done a bang up job hosting summits and welcoming World leaders to her various Palace's and Castles and such but until she abdicates her role as monarch and then goes off around the world as a private citizen using her own authority and cash and does some good things, those nice Nobel people shouldn't be looking her way and looking towards someone who actually has done something to promote peace.

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