Sunday, 13 October 2019

America Confusing For Brits

In the previous post the American Hayley Bloomingdale gave her tips on things in Britain which confused her, in the comments section the Brits hit back with things they find weird about America.

Apparently a Beefburger is called a Hamburger despite Ham and Beef coming from two totally different animals.

What they call Football is a game where you use your hands.

Electric sockets can't be switched off.

They look at the month first, as in mm/dd/yy instead of dd/mm/yy.

Baseball teams play in a World Series which only American teams play in.

42% of Americans still believe in creationism.

They chose a bald animal as their national animal.
The don't know how to queue properly.

American cheese, chocolate, cakes and alcohol tastes awful.

They have no grasp of sarcasm, irony or self-deprecating humour.

They will boast and brag about themselves at the very earliest opportunity after meeting them.

The American accent, especially the further south you go in the country.

You are expected to tip everybody for everything.

The price on the shelf is not the price you pay at the till as the shelf price doesn't include sales tax.

American note money is all the same colour and same size

The really large gap beneath doors and walls in public toilet stalls.

Personally i would add they decided 5 vowels is one too many and dropped the letter 'U' from most of their words and they drink cold tea.

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