Friday, 4 October 2019

Trump Defends His Innocence By Admitting His Guilt

For someone who is a regular target for fun due to the smallness of hands, Donald Trump sure does wave them around a lot when he speaks but it was not just his teeny tiny hands on show but also his tiny brain as he went on live TV to defend himself against accusations that he solicited assistance from a foreign country in the 2020 election by admitting that he did exactly that.
That's some defence and whoever advised him that the best way to prove his innocence is to hold your tiny hands up to it may want to rethink the strategy and to then go on and do it again makes you wonder what is in the White House water.
To prove just how innocent he is, he then urged the country with which he is currently fighting a trade war with and been publicly insulting to investigate his main Democrat rival. Hmm...i wonder how that will work out. 
Trump should be impeached as he's growing more and more irrational and he should thank his lucky stars that he has got as far into the Presidency as he has but it seems as though the preferred Democrat option is removing him through the ballot box but 12 months is a long time and God knows what desperate acts he might try as he sees the writing on the wall.
Everyday Trump just makes himself look like a bigger tool than he did the day before and while he isn't starting any wars, and he is only damaging himself and his own country, i hope he hangs around for a while yet, ranting and raving and waving his teeny hands about as everyone laughs at the idiot who 62,984,828 Americans thought was the best choice to be their President.


Liber - Latin for "The Free One" said...

the democrats don't think any of their lame leftist candidates can win an election

Falling on a bruise said...

Apart from Bernie (who is busy sorting out my replacement recycling bin and the light outside the garage as we speak) i have no idea who the others are so i was going to wait until the field has been narrowed down before taking a proper look.