Sunday, 20 October 2019

Royal's Eating All The Cake They Want

Anyone who has ever been to the Palace of Versailles in Paris cannot help have their flabber be gasted at the sheer opulence of the place where the French Royals lived while their countrymen died in squalor, disease and poverty.
You can also understand how the French Queens reply of 'then let them eat cake' when told that the peasants were starving to death and had no bread to eat led to a revolution and her head ending up in the guillotine's basket but the all over Royal families have been living the high life in palaces while their subjects suffer.
During the ongoing austerity measures forced upon the nation since 2010, our own Royal Family, headed by Elizabeth II, received no cut in their Government handout and actually saw it increase to £85 million which considering the British Royals have a personal fortune of £900 million, seems a bit wrong.
Even with almost a billion pounds sat in their piggy bank, the British Royals are still not in the top 10 of the Worlds richest Royal's according to a list by the Financial Times with number 10 being Bahrain's Royals with £4 billion.
The richest Royal Family in Europe with a fortune of £12 billion resides in Liechtenstein but they are only the 9th in the World, beaten by Dubai's royal family worth £19 billion, Morocco £20 billion, Brunei £30 billion, Thailand £60 billion, United Arab Emirates £150 billion, Qatar $335 billion and Kuwait £360 billion.
The place to send any begging letters to is Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Al-Yamama Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia because when the Saudi Arabian royal family check their bank account, it says they have £1.7 trillion sat in it.
It seems that being a Royal almost anywhere means eating a lot of cake which might be worth remembering the next time your stomach is grumbling and all you have is a limp crust of Hovis with green bits on the edge in the bread bin.

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