Thursday, 3 October 2019

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Anybody watching events on our Planet in recent times would quite rightly stay the hell away from us and a SETI researcher, James Benford, thinks that is exactly what is going on with Aliens watching us from a safe distance.
The scientist thinks that if there are outsiders from another solar system eavesdropping on us humans then they could be hiding behind asteroids, biding their time while our civilisation develops and reporting back on to their home planet.
Benford thinks we should send up some probes to check out the asteroids and flush them out if necessary because if nobody from another Galaxy had discovered us it would be 'stunning'.
Other astrobiologists are joining in the call for someone to go check out the closest asteroids in a search for intelligent life but if any aliens have been watching us, and they have eavesdropped our plans to go greet them, they would have been halfway back to Alpha Centuri by now because when it comes to meeting new civilisations, we do not have a great track record.

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