Friday, 4 October 2019

Planning Ahead For The Global Emergency

We may all hope it doesn’t come to it, but let’s face it, their are some proper crackpots in power at the moment so it’s better to be prepared and scientists have named the top places if a human extinction-level emergency breaks out.
Ruling out small islands and meeting the criteria of being far enough away from other land masses, no natural hazards and available resources, Australia was found to be the best location for riding out the global pandemic but if the thought of being surrounded by Australians is too scary, the next most viable places are New Zealand, Iceland, Malta and Japan.
'It’s important to think ahead just in case' said the scientists who think the global emergency is most likely to come from deadly genetically-engineered organisms being accidentally or intentionally released.
Iceland or Japan would be my bolt-holes of choice so if there is a real life Andromeda Strain outbreak, Zombie Apocalypse or Plague resurrection, then i will be found in Japan's Tokyo district or Iceland's Svalbar├░sstrandarhreppur but probably Tokyo because i can spell that on the postcards.

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