Thursday, 10 October 2019

Don't Plug It In Just Yet

We have always had World leaders who are, to put it bluntly, complete morons but we seem to have more than our fair share of the corrupt sleazeballs at the moment so could it be time to put the humans aside and let the machines have a go.  
Scientists estimate it will only be a few decades until Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence although judging by some of the madness going on that happened years ago, i've had washing machines with more intelligence than some of them but on the face of it letting AI make the decisions doesn't sound a bad idea.
Computers won't be concerned by sex scandals and would be immune to bias, corruption and bribery and won't have any vested interests nor would it bothered about coming up with decisions for short term political gain or popularity.
All it's decisions would be based on impartial and cold hard facts, data and logic based on the best possible outcomes which all sounds great but don't call the removal vans and plug it in just yet.
Machines, being lumps of metal and wires would have no emotions or concept of right and wrong, it could decide the problem of Climate Change is too many humans, which is obviously part of the problem, and if it is in charge of automated or even nuclear weapons...oopsy. 
A human would have to write the program and that would inevitably include bias into the algorithm and while we can hold politicians accountable for any mistakes, it would be impossible to hold a machine accountable for any decisions it makes, such as withholding life saving medicine to patients over a certain age due or attacking a country that it deems a threat.
We may have some of the worst politicians in living memory presently but the good news is that this really has to be as bad as it gets and the perverts, dirtbags and deviants we currently have will be replaced in time and humans intelligence would have evolved not to vote for them in the first place.

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