Friday, 18 October 2019

Butterfly Effect

In 1933, a Texas Councilman named Charles Hazard was preparing for re-election but was getting distracted by his neighbor’s dog keep peeing on his flowers so he killed the dog by mixing glass into the dog’s food bowl.
That dog belonged to 13-year-old Charlie Wilson who vowed revenge on his neighbour which he took by going around his neighbourhood during the election campaign, telling everyone what the Councilman had done which resulted in Hazard losing his seat.
Inspired by his result, Wilson went into politics and became a Congressional Representative and when the Soviet-Afghan War broke out, campaigned to get America arming and funding the Afghans Mujaheddin who went on to win the war.
After the war the Mujaheddin changed their name to The Taliban and teamed up with Osama Bin Laden's Al-Queada who then went on to launch a terror attack in New York which killed 3,000 Americans who launched the Afghan and Iraq Wars in retaliation.
These wars led to Al-Queada becoming Islamic State who in turn invaded Syria which bought the Kurd's and America into alliance much to the annoyance of Turkey who recently invaded the Kurdish held area's of Syria with Americas tacit approval.
So much death and destruction and all because one cranky councilman was distracted by a dog peeing on his plants.

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