Friday, 25 October 2019

Trust Boris To 'Get Things Done ®'

If there is one thing the UK needs it's a chance to turn up at a voting booth on a cold, dark rainy day in mid-winter and luckily that is exactly what we are being offered as Boris Johnson is demanding a December 12th election so he can 'Get Brexit Done ®' because apparently we are all fed up with not shrinking our economy by as much as £49bn a year.
Johnson is so keen on an election because he thinks that not only can he win it, but win it by enough of a majority to push through the Brexit deal which he has negotiated.
That it is essentially the same deal that Theresa May negotiated, the deal that fellow Brexit die hard Jacob Rees-Mogg said would make us a 'vassal state, like Britain under the Roman occupation' and other Boris Brexit chums said was like 'literally selling all of us off to an Albanian trafficking gang' should not be a concern.
Boris, unlike most politicians, will 'Get Things Done ®' because he is not held up by the codes of morals or ethics like most politicians, such as that which says if you print something as a fact in huge letters on the side of a bus, it ought to be correct. 
Nor is he concerned with sneakily arranging for contracts worth tens of thousands be awarded to his friends, he just hands taxpayers money to people with no particular business receiving it showing that for too long we’ve put up with politicians trying desperately to cover up their lies, and at last we’ve got one who lies openly but doesn’t even bother trying to cover it up.
That letter he sent applying for an extension that he said he would he would never sign and would rather 'die in a ditch' than send, well put away the ditch digging shovel because that's in Michel Barnier's top pocket now and that flat out refusal to sign up to a border in the Irish Sea, he has now negotiated a border in the Irish Sea.
Voting for Boris will 'Get Things Done ®' although some things may have to take a backseat such as making the wealthiest pay to look after the poorest, not selling arms to nations using them to kill civilians in a neighbouring country or taking the trouble not to flood us all, Brexit and making sure that 'Getting It Done ®' is the most pressing matter.
Some people may object and you may wish to listen to analysts, economists and business with years of experience to fall back on who say Brexit will be a disaster but who says they know more than the guy who sales insurance for a living who calls anyone who worries about the effect on the NHS or the poor a Communist and a traitor whose grandad fought in a world war to keep England free from the lying Europeans.
In all, Boris has a deal and it could have 'Got Things Done ®' on 31 October if Corbyn and his gang of left wing fascists hadn't scuppered things by wanting time to read the details in it because they don't trust Boris Johnson, and if you can’t trust our Prime Minister and his Brexit gang, frankly who can you trust?

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