Saturday, 12 October 2019

Brexit Edging Closer

I was always hopeful that the British Brexit plans would fall flat on their face and the whole thing would be forgotten and for a time it looked like it would go that way but things are looking ominously optimistic as the UK and Ireland seemed to have reached a compromise.
It was always going to be the Irish border that held things up and even if the UK and Ireland agree things, it still has to be agreed by the EU and the UK Parliament so there is still scope for it all to come crashing down yet but for those Brexiters who have no concern for the consequences, things are suddenly looking brighter. 
The details of the deal the British Prime Minister has agreed with the Irish President are sketchy but seem to include Northern Ireland maintaining EU rules but being able to offer rebates on goods sold if the UK tariff is lower than the EU one which is actually quite a decent compromise and satisfies the problem of Northern Ireland being treated differently to the rest of the UK which was the sticking point.
The remainder of the deal is as Theresa May put forward but as Boris Johnson does have not a majority in the House of Commons, and actually has fewer MP's than the last time the vote was put forward after he sacked 21 of them and a number have left to join other Parties, it could be his own country that blocks it.
The battle is not over yet, i still have a flame burning that the whole thing will be called off as unworkable and detrimental to the United Kingdom but the flame is not burning quite so brightly today but we are certainly closer to waking up on November 1st 2019 and being outside of the largest single market in the World and realising what a monumental mistake we have just made.

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