Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Hide The Wag The Dog DVD

At the time starting this post, Donald Trump is still the American President but with the way the impeachment evidence is piling up against him he may not be by the time i get to the end.
The point of this post is that in 1993 the was a film called Wag The Dog where a war is fabricated to distract voters from a Presidential sex scandal.
A few months later, while the Monika Lewsiky scandal was raging, Bill Clinton ordered a cruise missile attack on a Sudanese factory accused of manufacturing and supplying Osama Bin Laden with chemical weapons.
Obvious comparisons were drawn to the actions and the film that Clinton ordered the attacks as a diversion, especially as it was later revealed that the factory was not only not manufacturing chemical weapons but was actually making medicine and had no connections whatsoever to Bin Laden.
That the factory was targeted only hours before and that the majority of Clinton's advisors opposed attacking the plant only made it more obvious that the whole thing was a charade to try and make people look away from what Clinton had been up to in the Oval Office with his cigar collection.
Now that Trump is wading through the latest of a long line of scandals, and one that has momentum to actually remove his rather large body from the White House, my mind switches back to the 90's De Nero film.
With Iran and Venezuela firmly in his sights, could we be seeing a re-run of the mocked up charges in order to distract the world from his soliciting help from Ukraine to discredit a political rival and the following cover-up from being made public.    
With the infirm Trump nothing should surprise us, but if i was one of his advisors i would certainly make sure that film is blocked on the White House movie channels subscription.


Liber - Latin for "The Free One" said...

you are clueless about the "impeachment". the democrats are desperate to get rid of him because they don't think they can beat him in an election... they are probably right... this is probably their best chance... they won't get the senate to support them... they are setting themselves up for slaughter next election cycle...

you should stop posting embarrassing opinions about it... maybe return to your clueless economics posts...

Falling on a bruise said...

I forgot you are a Trump supporter.