Thursday, 31 October 2019

Considerations Before Summoning Demon's Tonight

Tonight, of all nights, is the time when you will want to be doing a bit of demon summoning but the problem seems to be that everyone goes straight for the top guy, Satan himself, and as good as the Lord of Hell is, even he can't be in several places at the same time so you end up frustrated that your summoning spell didn't work and you give up and go sulk in your room listening to death metal music instead.
The thing with demons and creatures from hell in general is that even if you don't get The Devil himself, whoever you summon will still be evil and at the end of the day, that's all you can ask for.
So try aiming lower, Wikipedia has a handy list of demons  so you have your list and your summoning equipment and possibly even a virgin tied up in the garage but something else that
needs consideration is that the demon you summon will not do your bidding for nothing, there will be a contract involved.
Contracts can range from a packet of Maryland Cookies to the souls of your first born and you have to remember that the person you are negotiating with is evil, so expect a few dick-moves and read any small print because thinking you have negotiated all the riches you will ever desire for the cost of a cheese sandwich and then finding out you actually signed up to being tortured in a pit of fire for eternity because that can really ruin your weekend.  
Finally, one more consideration before lighting the black candles and calling something from hell is the location because Hell and its inhabitants smell of sulphur and sulphur smells of rotten eggs and do you really want something that smelly to be putting in an appearance in your bedroom, you've got to sleep in there later remember, so take it outside or at least into your little sisters room.
Happy summoning.

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