Saturday, 26 October 2019

England In The Rugby Final

My Canadian colleague text me this morning to say that after England knocked New Zealand out of the Rugby World Cup, the English will be insufferable which isn't very fair, us English don't need a sporting victory to be intolerable.
So in the time honoured tradition of whenever England beat another nation at sport, Sir Edmund Hillary, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Lorde, Russell Crowe, Lucy Lawless, Crowded House..erm Moana, your boys took one hell of a beating!!
To be fair to New Zealand, i have no idea what was going on but our men with funny shaped balls beat your men with funny shaped balls and it is IN-GER-LAND who progress to the final of the World Cup to meet either the Welsh or the South Africans, hopefully the Welsh. 
What is a bit painful is that i had drawn New Zealand in the office sweepstake and for once thought i had a decent chance of running through the Town Centre spending £40 in a whirlwind of shopping but that dream was squashed almost immediately after England scored a try after just 90 seconds.
Still, come on your Welsh, smash the Boks and let's make a small part of Japan British next weekend and show the World just how insufferable we can really be.

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