Monday, 28 October 2019

Militant Vegans

I have been a proper vegetarian since i was 16 which means i don't eat meat but i still have dairy but there is a newer, more militant type of non-meater which is veganism which forego all dairy products as well as meat.
Good luck to them i say although as i have had to take extra vitamins for my life to make up for the vitamins lacking in my diet, heaven only knows what these guys have to take which is why i asked the group in the town center this weekend who were handing out leaflets and holding a sign which said 'Ask me about veganism', which i did.
For some reason they didn't want to answer that, they did though want to explain to me all about animal cruelty, climate change, how meat eating causes health problems and how man has destroyed the planet which i said was them preaching to the converted which is why i had been a vegetarian for the past 30 odd years although that never seemed to stop their pre-rehearsed patter.
I love their enthusiasm and the fact that they are prepared to go further than i am for their cause but vegans have the same problem as the religionists who were handing out leaflets and badgering people a few meters away.
Not everyone appreciates having somebody else's outlook shoved down their throat and trying to change their views, it just get's their backs up and forces them to dig their heels in so whether it's someone trying to tell you why you should not eat meat or somebody telling you why you should pray, that doesn't work.     
The vegans can hand out all the leaflets they like but they won't be converting anybody all the time they are trying to force it onto people, give them the facts but let them decide for themselves because switching to a non-meat or dairy diet is a massive step.
My advice would be to go flexitarian and then move up the scale to vegetarianism and then veganism if you can handle it but make sure you get a loyalty card from Holland and Barrett because the vegans and vegetarians may not tell you but you will need them extra vitamins.


Liber said...

you take vitamins because you don't eat meat? never heard of that. other supplements like essential amino acids, protein, sure but never heard of the need to take vitamins...

exactly what vitamins are found in animal protein that are not found in plant based foods?

Falling on a bruise said...

Yep, vitamin supplements for vegetarians is a thing (B12 mainly) and must be even more so for vegans.

Liber said...

didn't need to know that since i eat fish, meat, eggs...