Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another Great Idea From The Keyboard Of Lucy

I think it is fair to say that if the Cubans had a choice, they would prefer to be closer to their ideological comrades Russia and China than the United States of America.
It is probably also fair to say that the Israelis had the option, they would rather be living nearer the shores of North America than in the Middle East.
The answer is so simple i don't know why it hasn't been discussed before, Cuba and Israel do a swap.
America doesn't want belligerent Cuba stuck there off its east coast, it would much prefer a more compliant Israel and Cuba has had 60 years of America trying to invade it and bump off its leaders so everything would be fine on that side.
Likewise, Israel has been at war with all its neighbours at some point in a little over 60 years and nobody in the area wants its stuck there in the Middle East so no problems from that side also.
Being an Island, Cuba has no direct neighbours for Israel to horribly oppress but as Israel is a fifth of the size of Cuba, the sticking point may come that it will be another decade at least until Israel steal enough land off it's neighbours to swap like for like but that's plenty of time for Cuba to wrap it's things up in newspaper and learn what 'Do you want to buy some cigars?' is in Arabic.
America wouldn't have to cough up so much in transporting arms halfway across the World and Russia could finally stick a few of its nuclear missiles on Cuban soil without any hassle from America.   
Everyone's a winner and its economical so the UN should get Raul Castro and Benji Netanyahu on the phone and sort it out.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Except Israel wants the Jerusalem...


david g said...

Well just move Jerusalem brick by brick and re-build it in Cuba. For the world's SUPERPOWER, this should be an easy task.

Look, I know the U.S. doesn't always achieve its objectives. They brought democracy to Iraq, didn't they?

And they're negotiating with the Taliban in what's left of Afghanistan so they can leave with their tails between their legs.

Yeah, Lucy, your brilliance is legendary and I really enjoyed the satire in this post.

Most Americans think that satire is a kind of chair.

They also think that democracy is where the corporations own the politicians.

They also think their Presidents can walk on water (even if it must be frozen first).

The more important question is where can the U.S. be relocated to?

Somewhere deep in outer space would lessen the chance of human extinction significantly!


Lucy said...

Id leave them over there out the way David. Dont want them over here with their second amendment and strange pronounciation of words like route and aluminium.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yawl didn't like us armed in 1776 either. And had we not been armed we would be speaking English now...

Lucy said...

And all those visits from our inbred Royals you have missed on ever since.