Tuesday, 16 July 2013

None Of Your Business Sam Cam

As if we haven't got enough problems with one Cameron making such an almighty hash of things,m along comes another one another one shoving their nose in.
Senior Government figures are saying that David Cameron's wife, Samantha, is pushing him to do more to tackle the Syrian conflict, it has been claimed.
She has pushed for a tough response to the humanitarian crisis after travelling to the region in her role as a charity envoy.
Not that Samantha will be volunteering to do it herself so she should keep that big nose of yours out of it. It's bad enough we have to put up with her useless husband doing his best to ruin the country without her sticking your beak into affairs that have nothing to do with us.
The politicians should politely point out that the unelected wife of the Prime Minister trying to dictate our foreign policy is a no-no and suggest she if she is lost for something to do then maybe she should take a spin around this country and see the damage her husbands policies are doing here and push him into sodding off and let someone else run things. 

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