Sunday, 21 July 2013

Superman v Batman

Anything that gets nerds excited is probably eye-rollingly boring to the rest of us and so set your eyes to roll as the big news from Comic-Con (think grown adults dressed as Superheroes) is that Supermen and Batman are to do battle in the next Superman film.
Over 6,000 people turned up to at San Diego's Comic-Con, many in fancy dress like the husband and wife who wore a Superman and Wonder Woman outfit who said, actually i don't know what they said as i was too busy cringing for them being shown on TV dressed as Superman and Wonder woman.
To be fair, everyone has different tastes and if grown adults like to read and dress up and watch movies about Superheroes then that is their lookout so i shouldn't knock it.
Just for the record though I can't see how a man who can move super fast, is super strong and can fly as well being invulnerable to pretty much everything and can fire lasers from his eyes can lose against a guy who dresses up as a bat and wears a belt.


Anonymous said...

batman will be in troooooooouble...


Lucy said...

He may have a cooler uniform but he wouldn't stand a chance. There must be better Superheroes for Superman to fight but i'm way to cool to know them.