Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I'll Skip The Toast Thanks

Due to the Fire Brigade being called out to over 1300 'unusual incidents' in the last few years, they have launched a campaign called 'Fifty Shades Of Red' to highlight how the public should not put body parts in places that they shouldn't.
In the list of strange cases the Fire Brigade have been called out to include a man with his arm trapped in a portable toilet, adults stuck in children's toys, hands stuck in letterboxes and people with test tubes on fingers and vacuum cleaners attached to a certain male body parts.
One of the most common is handcuffs where the key is out of reach but my absolute favourite has to be the call to release a man who had his penis stuck in the toaster.
I can only imagine he slipped on the kitchen floor after his shower and in a million to one freak accident
became intimately linked to the toaster.
All the time men keep putting their most cherished body parts in weird places such as test tubes, vacuum cleaners and toasters we will need a Fire Brigade. And a cereal bowl.

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