Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cameron's Text Message Curse

I don't know what type of mobile phone David Cameron possess but someone should take it off him before he causes even more carnage with his 'good luck' texts.
The Curse of Cameron struck yet again Monday as Laura Robson crashed out of Wimbledon just hours after the Prime Minister had sent her a text message of support but then this isn't the first time Calamity Cameron has messed up our sporting dreams.
He text Murray before he was beat by Roger Federer in last years Wimbledon final and then rocked up at the Olympic road race and watched our nailed on gold slip through the fingers of Mark Cavendish, another recipient of a Cameron text.
Our other Olympic hopefuls, Tom Daly, Shanaze Reade and Liam Phillips fell short in their finals and the England Football Team where sent a good luck text just before the 2010 World Cup and niftly got hammered 4-1 by Germany.
On the television behind me, Scotsman Murry is 2-0 down and Scotland's favourite son is not playing particularly well so it could well be the man from Scotland's final appearance at Wimbledon this year.
Gideon, hide Cameron's bloody phone but not until he has sent David Moyles a 'good luck for next season' text.

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