Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Arming Our Biggest Threat

Syria wasn't supposed to be like this, it was meant to be another Libya.
Hijack a popular protest and when it turns violent use the violence as a pretext for a 'humanitarian intervention' in the form of a no-fly zone and then bomb the Government armed forces into surrender and mop up the rebuilding and oil contracts.
Only this time Russia and China said no, Al Queada are on the team we are supporting and they have videoing themselves eating the hearts of their enemies and using chemical weapons which means the Obama and Cameron have got themselves into a bit of a pickle.
Even Colin Powel and one of his legendary sham PowerPoint presentations can't save this one now that the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) have reported that the greatest threat to Britain is the elements fighting against the Al-Assad Government in Syria.
Britain's security and intelligence chiefs ast MI6 decided that 'al-Queada elements and jihadists in Syria currently represent the most worrying emerging terrorist threat to the UK and the west. There is a risk of extremist elements in Syria taking advantage of the permissive environment to develop external attack plans, including against western targets.
Russia said on Wednesday it had proof Syrian rebels used Sarin in a missile attack on Aleppo in March and the ISC expressed 'serious concern' over the elements trying to acquire sarin, ricin, mustard gas and VX.
Two years on since the uprising, the Syrian army are rolling back the 'rebels' and America and the UK find themselves in a bit of a quandary.
Arming the people who our own intelligence are described as the biggest threat to us doesn't sound particularly clever so it seems Obama and his mates have got themselves into something that they can't get themselves back out of again.

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