Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Danny Nightingale Guilty

There seems to be a split of opinion over SAS sniper Danny Nightingale who stands accused at a military court martial of illegally keeping hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a working 9mm pistol at his house.
The defence is that the he had brought the gun back from Iraq in 2007 and had intended to have it decommissioned and made into a trophy but had forgotten due to a brain injury sustained while running a marathon in Brazil in 2009.
Nightingale now claims that the weapon and ammunition may have been planted by somebody else and denies even possessing the pistol and ammunition.
That he passed the assessments and was declared fit for deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 and he had 3 years to decommission the gun but never with the changing reasons how it got into his house pretty much seals it for me that his excuses are bogus. 
He knew full well that to keep the gun and ammunition was illegal and under no circumstances should he have that kind of weapon with that amount of ammunition in his bedroom wardrobe unlicensed and being in the military doesn't matter a jot.
He broke the law, a law that is there to protect us, and he should suffer the consequences for his actions.

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