Monday, 22 July 2013

They Put A Flag On The Moon

I do like the American flag, it's colourful and the 13 stripes are a nod towards better times when Britain ran America and the 50 stars that represent American states now that the British don't run it and it has gone to hell in a handcart.
Of course there are many places you can see The Stars and Stripes such as any marketplace in a Middle Eastern country where one is usually being set fire to and also on the Moon.
Now at some point Aliens will come visiting us and they will probably pass by the moon and there they will see the Red, White and Blue sticking out the moon dust. Or will they?
We all know what happens when you leave cloth out in bright sunshine, it fades, and after 40 odd years i think there is a fair chance that what we have at the entrance to our planet is a large white flag not billowing in the lunar breeze.
Actually, there are six American flags on our Moon, all of which are now a brilliant shade of surrender white which makes me wonder what any visiting alien would think.
If they come in peace then it will probably reassure them that us humans are a lovely bunch of pacifists but if they are coming armed with intergalactic lasers to take over our planet and enslave us all then it isn't really the signal we want to send out before they arrive.
Would never have happened if America had stayed under British rule, mainly because it would have been Soviet Hammer and Sickle flags up there while America sat around drinking tea and wondering what happened to that Polish guy we hired to build our rocket.
Hopefully a Middle Eastern country will develop a space program and send one of their own up there, they will know what to do with a flag and a cigarette lighter and we will be spared an alien race thinking we are surrender monkeys and taking over the Planet.

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