Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Failing Of Democracy

The demonstrations and Government removal going on in Egypt highlight what, for me, is the major failing in Democracy in that once the Government is in, they are there for the duration regardless of how dire they are.  
The majority of people didn't much care for the religious way, lack of jobs created and the tanking economy that Morsi was overseeing and built up such a head of steam that the military intervened and removed him.
My biggest gripe about Democracy is that the voters have no way to force another election if the party who won turn out to be a disaster and it is only four or five years later we get to vote again.
What should be introduced is a way to remove a Government if they turn out to be a shambles or if the manifesto they promised before the election day turns out to be a pack of lies or if they are as corrupt as the last Government.
We are inundated with polls so why not have a poll made up of all polls which if support falls below a certain percentage, an Election is triggered.
No need for demonstrations or the military airing it's hardware in the streets, just the will of the people who the Government by all accounts is supposed to be representing us and if the people think you are lousy, off you go.

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Anonymous said...

Well, having Obama for 3 more years I feel your pain. Still, the reverse is too much change driven mostly by emotion with little or no thought for the day after tomorrow. Gotta take the bad with the good.