Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Royal Mail Sell Off

The Royal Mail made a profit of £403 million last year, money that went into the public coffers but the Government have decided that in future, instead of the public getting the money to pay for schools, roads and hospitals, it would be better for the money to go directly into someones bank account instead. 
Royal Mail is to be privatised as the Government announced today: 'Now the time has come for government to step back from Royal Mail, and allow its management to focus wholeheartedly on growing the business'.
What they didn't say was as happens with all privatisations, a small number of wealthy people will make more money from the privatisation and the service will deteriorate and the workers who are not made unemployed in an inevitable streamlining, their pay and conditions will worsen and the service will get more expensive.
Maybe i'm being pessimistic and what will evolve will be a superior and cheaper service but then you would have to ignore all the evidence of previous privatisations and nobody is that daft.
This is just yet another transfer of public assets from us all to the wealthy dressed up as something good for the public because privatisation doesn't work, it's a con as any trip on a train or glance at your water/gas/electric bill will testify.
NHS next.

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