Thursday, 11 July 2013

PC v Tablet & Netbook

Global personal computer sales have fallen for the fifth quarter in a row, down 11% from this time last year and the blame is being put on tablets and netbooks.
I did once have a netbook but found it slow compared to the PC and the tablet even slower so they got passed down to the kids.
Netbooks and tablets seem to be just any use for Internet surfing and checking email if you don't mind a bit of a wait and being close by a plug to recharge the battery every few hours and in the case of a tablet, an on-screen keyboard so anything other than that, they are not really much use.
I have always used Mac's and PC's, not that i understand them, but it seems if you buy anything else you are not getting anything other than a glorified smartphone for triple the price but then maybe i am missing something.
As the price of a decent PC are only marginally more than a netbook, i do wonder why you would pay all that for something that does a fraction of what the extra £100 will give you.
Apart from it being small enough to carry around with you and not being restricted to sitting in one place, why bother with a tablet just to check email and read websites? I don't get it.

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