Thursday, 11 July 2013

Flag Burning Returns

As long as i can remember the television news would show people burning the British and American flags somewhere around the World but that has been strangely missing recently so it was nice to see the practise has not gone out of fashion and the people of Egypt have rediscovered that Old Glory goes very well with a box of matches. 
The anger and flaming stars and stripes are coming courtesy of the former President Morsi supporters who blame America for bankrolling the people who removed their man from power last week and their mood wasn't improved when it was announced that the US still intended to deliver F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian military as well as continuing the $1.5 billion aid cheque.
Supporters of Morsi, protesting his removal, have been carrying anti-Obama posters.
'I have no problem with American people, I have a problem with American politics that tries to interfere with the way we want to live and that is not right' said one member of the Muslim Brotherhood taking a break to refill his cigarette lighter presumably.
Anti-American feeling is increasing in Egypt and not just amongst the people who go home smelling of smouldering flag, the Pew Research Centre concluded that eight out of 10 Egyptians are negative towards the US, with just 16 percent having a positive attitude towards the United States.
When it comes to President Obama, nearly three-quarters are unhappy with the way he handles American foreign affairs but he isn't doing so well in his own country with a Quinnipiac University survey released today putting approval for Barack Obama’s foreign policy dropping to an all-time low, with just 40 percent of Americans backing the president’s handling of international affairs.
For the reason America aids countries that hate them when it is $14 trillion in debt itself, you will need to ask Israel who have urged President Obama to keep subsidising Cairo.


Anonymous said...

waste of cloth, adds to gloabl warming, pollutes...


Lucy said...

It seems to keep them happy and keep the flag makers in business. I like it when they can't get hold of one and make their own and they don't have the right coloured crayons so they end up with 9 green stripes and 37 stars because they haven't spaced it out right.