Friday, 19 July 2013

England Ladies Team As Bad As The Men

For a country that invented the game, England really does suck at football.
This summer our Under 20's, Under 21's and now our ladies teams have all been turfed out of International competitions at the first hurdle without winning a game and the men's senior side are looking at a play-off place after struggling in a group that contains the footballing powerhouses of Montenegro and Ukraine.
Most galling is the failure of the England ladies team to even scrape through the group stages because we were supposed to be quite good, beaten in the final last time around. 
Now, our players are climbing back onto a plane to arrive back in England while the competition carries on so it's time to do what we have been used to doing with the mans team at tournaments and choose another country after our own has been knocked out.
Making up the final eight are Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, France and Denmark which are all countries that i don't really have a problem with, but it has to be Sweden for me.
Kom igen Sverige!

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