Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beiber Isn't A Rebel, Just Annoying

I'm of an age when i remember when rock stars were making headlines for trashing hotel rooms, throwing TV's out of windows and drinking enough alcohol that their pancreases exploded. 
In the World of Rock n Roll hellraisers, Justin Beiber throwing eggs at his neighbours house and driving without a license would hardly register but so shocked are Americans at his behaviour that they have set up a petition to get him booted back across the Canadian border for being a 'terrible influence on the nations youth'.
Over 100,000 have felt sufficiently affronted by Bieber’s antics to sign it and will now be reviewed by White House staff and an official statement given.
I’d understand if the petition was to to banish him for crimes against music but or even being the perpetrator of a swathe of stupid haircuts but for being rebellious?
Pop stars, or the better ones, are supposed to be rebellious, its a big reason why we like them and what they are here to do, live out the outrageous fantasies that we believe we would do if we were in their position.
That it is the former clean cut Bieber who has been on the front pages drinking, drag-racing and smoking pot does have its shock value but that is still tame compared to what the bands of yesteryear got up with the likes of Keith Moon parking his car in the hotel swimming pool or Slash 'dying' for eight minutes after a week long drinking and drugs binge.  
Maybe today’s teens and 20-somethings are tamer than we were back then when we lapped up these type of stories and tales of drunken debauchery and bowling over photographers were commonplace.
Rock stars SHOULD act bad but it is the second part of the equation where Beiber falls down. They acted bad but the music they put out was great, not an accusation that can be levelled at Beiber or the other 'bad girl of pop, Miley Cyrus so i despair that the lame actions of Beiber are considered a bad influence on Americas youth because that sets the bar far too low for what can passes for a pop rebel today and Beiber is not just dismissed as an annoying moron.
Get a grip America.

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Anonymous said...

You get a grip. 100,000 is one three thousandth of one percent of Americans. That is like finding 1 person in Norway that doesn't like the Queen of England.