Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Winter Olympic Names

The Sochi countdown clock tells me it is only 2 days and 22 hours until the opening ceremony of the XXII Winter Games.
The Sochi website has a full list of all the athletes so let's have a look to see who will be lighting up our television screens for the next few weeks.  
In the ice hockey we have Jenni Asserholt of Sweden while the Swiss have Luca Cunti and Romy Eggimann.
The Americans are usually a good bet for some funny names but apart from Summer Britcher in the luge and Sugar Todd in the skating, slim pickings there in the funny name stakes.  
Beat Hefti in the Swiss Toboggan might raise a smile first time so it is all down to the Germans and their Ski Jumping team and the one man who can rescue us from a very poor funny name tournament. 
Down there, at the bottom of the alphabetical list, Andreas Wank.
Normal childlike sniggering when the commentator says: 'Next up, A.Wank from Germany' is resumed. Split sides all round if the commentator mentions how he is holding his own.

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Cheezy said...

Fantastic, thanks Lucy. I'll certainly be telling my friends about Mssrs Wank and Cunti.