Sunday, 9 February 2014

Face Of A Cherub

Us Westerners, even the atheist amongst us, seem to think we have a pretty sound knowledge of the main characters of the Bible. If e were asked to draw a cherub, we would go with the small chubby kids with wings. The Devil would be a horned man with a goatee dressed in red and holding a pitchfork and Hell would be a place of fire and tortured souls writing about in pain.  
Seems that we have been fooled by artists, authors and REM videos because all these iconic figures were either never mentioned anyone in Gods gang or the church.
Ezekiel 10:14 describes cherubs as a creature with four-heads that included the faces of a cherub, a human, an eagle and a lion.
As for Old Scratch, the Prince of Darkness is never physically described apart from as a disembodied voice and the only part you'll find in the Bible to describe hell is in Matthew 13:42 where it says sinners are banished to: 'a furnace of fire', no description of what goes on there.
All makes a mockery of the people who were on the TV today saying how they had seen Angels, Cherubs or the devil because what they saw, if anything, was what they think Cherubs, Angels and Old Nick look like courtesy of the imagination of generations of artists and authors.

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Anonymous said...

Right. In fact there are few refernces even to satan.