Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Psychology Of Colour

After minutes of painstaking and thorough research of why the red tops of Denver would beat the white tops of Seattle in the Superbowl, (the effect of the electro-magnetic radiation of light on human mood and behaviour) Denver decided to wear orange tops and surprise surprise, got comprehensively thrashed.
Orange, as any psychologist will tell you, is the colour of frustration so no wonder the Cowboys played like lemons against the White clad Seahawks, white being the colour of efficiency.
If the Cowboys had stuck to their red tops with red representing courage and energy they would be the ones parading around the trophy, they may even have has a chance if they had worn the Blue kit which represents logic and calm.
In proper Football, Brazil are the masters and that is due to their yellow tops with yellow representing confidence and creativity while in Rugby the black outfitted New Zealanders rule the roost due to their black tops which show efficiency and menace.
The colours for teams to avoid if you want to be successful in sport are Green (peacefulness and stagnation), Pink (tranquillity and physical weakness) Grey (neutrality and lack of energy) and the aforementioned frustrating Orange.


Anonymous said...

i can never tell when you are trying to be funny.

denver is orange and blue (color of sunrise in the Rocky Mountains - and have never been red.

their mascot has always been, and is the Broncos.

Dallas is the Cowboys.

were you joking?


Lucy said...

Hands up, it's a fair cop m'lud, i got my Cowboys and Broncos tangled up. I'm also sure that they were wearing red in the photo i saw but obviously not.