Sunday, 23 February 2014

Solution To Coffee Shortage

Thanks to the likes of Starbucks and Costa, there are a lot more coffee drinkers around today than there used to be. 
I have been drinking coffee for as long as i can remember, very rare that i take tea over a latte or a mocha and i initially welcome all the Johnny and Jenny come latelies to the coffee drinking fraternity even if it meant that i had to queue up longer in the coffee shops. 
It is a little known fact that the vast majority of the coffee we drink comes from Brazil in the shape of the Arabica bean but i heard an alarming story that due to the long lasting drought in Brazil which has devastated the coffee bean belt, the Arabica bean crop has been decimated.
As with most things when there is a shortage, the price rises and bean prices have gone up by over 50% so far this year.
All this means that once the current supply is used up, our lattes and cappuccinoes are heading for a big price spike which leaves us with a problem.
As more people are now drinking coffee, demand is being stretched so the only solution i can see is for all the Johnny and Jenny come latelies that were originally welcomed, should now go back to drinking tea or hot chocolate or whatever it was that you sipped before coming over to our coffee side of the fence and ruining it.
Thanks, much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You could legislate the coffee industry in the UK to insure that everyone gets an equal amount. Also insure equal service, except the elite in gov which will have a seperate service. Also insure that nobody makes a profit on coffee. God and queen forbid someone make a profit...


Cheezy said...

Yorkshire Tea: It's the way forward.