Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bowie's Stay With Us Puzzler

For a man who rhymed funk to funky with junkie in one of his most famous songs, Bowie has had a successful career by most peoples standards. 
Now he has received a Brit Award for Best British Male Solo Artist, he has stepped into the sphere of politics and urged Scotland to 'Stay with us' although the singer does not elaborate on exactly who 'us'  is. Possibly America which is where he lives now as a tax exile or maybe France where he once lived as a tax exile or even Switzerland where he also lived as a tax exile.
Wherever 'us' is in David Bowie's mind, it won't be his tax money that continues to be sent north of the border to keep Scotland going if they vote to stay as part of the UK as expected.
Still, nice of the rich English bloke living in America to ask the Scots to stay with the country that he so blatantly abandoned to avoid contributing to the nation that gave him his break.


Anonymous said...

seems to me that if he paid his taxes wile in the UK then he did contribute... but yawl can have him back as far as I am concerned.

there is something about the last paragraph in your post that bothers me. like successful people from the UK have a life long debt to the UK or something... kinda creepy


Lucy said...

I kinda resent people buggering off elsewhere to avoid paying tax here but trying to tell us how to spend our tax. That right has gone once you become a tax exile.