Saturday, 1 February 2014

Blair On Egypt

Because he can't go anywhere in his own country without someone throwing something at him, Tony Blair seems to be continually moving around the Globe and has popped up in Egypt to tell us all that the military removal of Egypts first democratically elected leader and the violent crackdowns and human rights abuses that have followed is a good thing.
Blair was a fan of Hosni Mubarak, calling him a  'force for good' even as he was killing his citizens in the streets, but he is in the corner of army leader Abdel Fatah al-Sis and tells anyone stupid enough to listen to what has to say that 'The army have intervened in order to take the country to the next stage of its development and we should be supporting it'.
Glossing over the killings, thousands of arrests and the curbing of right to free assembly and free speech and how the day before Blair uttered his inane comments, 20 journalists were arrested on under terrorism charges for 'fabricating news which could tarnishing Egypt's reputation abroad', you do wonder what Planet Tony Blair is living on these days.
That said the man who deceived the British public and lied about WMD's in Iraq and picked over facts to justify the illegal invasion of a country that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and was calling for a war in Syria a few short months ago is a Middle East peace envoy so we are all living on Planet bizzarro.
At least we get the comfort of Tony Blair's mad bleatings every so often so we have the comfort of knowing that the correct action to take is always the total opposite of what he says, he has become a very good barometer of right versus wrong.


Anonymous said...

So, what are you advocating in Egypt and Syria?


Lucy said...

I advocate that we don't get involved and especially in Egypt, we don't arrogantly tell them who they elected was wrong.

Cheezy said...

Now now, Lucy, you know that T.Blair is basically the second coming of Jesus. He's got every right to tell the Middle East that they're doing 'democracy' wrong.