Thursday, 20 February 2014

Move To Peru To Avoid Floods

With still another week to go before the official end of the season, the MET Office have declared this Winter as the wettest since records began.
The UK's rainfall record for the season has already been broken with 48.6cm of rain falling on the nation and yet more forecast before Spring arrives on 1 March.
As climate change is not going away anytime soon which means we will now be spending parts of the year pulling on our wellington boots to enter the living room, thoughts will be turning to where can we go to avoid waking up to find our bed floating on the part of the River Thames that has entered the bedroom.
The highest place above sea-level in the World and therefore where the rising oceans will reach last, is the region of Puno in Peru. As the countries largest producer of potatoes, Puno sounds like somewhere you would get dirt beneath your fingernails but next highest is Qinghai Province in the Northwest of China.  
If you don't fancy either digging potatoes in Peru all day or learning how to ask for a fork in mandarin, it's back to South America for the next above sea level places in Argentina and Bolivia or Asia for the village of Hikkim in India which holds the record for the World's highest post office.
If you are looking to stay in Europe you should be heading to Van Province in Turkey or if you are looking for a place to keep your feet dry and spell words without a letter u, head to the Town of Alma in Colorado.
Brits should be making a beeline for Staffordshire and the village of Flash which sits 1,519 ft above sea-level. Alternatively, stay at home and revel in the opportunity to go fishing from the comfort of your own sofa.


Anonymous said...

don't they love you guys in Argentia? you could go there...

and I thought you loved
Venezuela's style of governing...


Lucy said...

I would beat the rush and head straight for the top of Mount Everest and open a Post Office so not only would i stay dry, but i would take that record from India.