Friday, 28 February 2014

First To Squeeze Into Peru As Sea Rises

As we now know, when the sea levels rises due to climate change, we will all end up balancing on a hillside in Peru which will make for a very boring Olympics and World Cup as Peru will win everything.
Over the next century, countries will be swallowed up by the raging tides so we will all have to budge up a bit to fit us all in but whose inhabitants should be packing a suitcase sooner rather than later and heading for Lima to bag the best spots?
According to the World Bank, the people of Bangladesh should be the first to get to the airport before it disappears beneath the waves and then the Vietmanese should follow them as their country is the next in line to become the ocean floor.
Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia amd Mauritania are to follow and then Peru really begins to get busy as the Chinese arrive, all 1344 million of them.
Mexico, Myanmar and Senegal make up the rest of the ten countries to become the first victims of the rising sea and who should be eyeing the best places to pitch a tent in Peru.

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