Thursday, 6 February 2014

Same Song, Different Lyrics

The World of movies have hit upon a formula of once they have a successful film, they go on to make a second or third or in the case of the Halloween films, ten.
Now i have no problem with that, i look forward to a decent sequel of films i enjoyed although it does leave studios open to a lack of imagination which is hard to disagree with although if you hit upon a money spinning idea, why not milk it.
That's why we have 8 Batman and Star Wars films in the series, 12 Friday the 13th films and 4 Shreks but for some reason the music industry has not clicked onto this formula.
If a band has a smash hit on their hands, why not rewrite the lyrics and put it out again a few years later?
Other bands have no problem remaking other peoples classic songs (and making a pigs ear of it most of the time) so why not the Eagles do a 'Hotel California II' or Madness 'Another Step Beyond' or even 'Teenage  Kicks part 2' by the Undertones.   
Some people may say that putting out the same tune with different lyrics is exactly what what reggae bands have been doing for decades, UB40 and Bob Marley made a career of only knowing one tune, so why not other bands? 
Just not you Sir Cliff, you stay retired, the World does not need another version of 'Wired For Sound' thank you very much.


Anonymous said...


nobody is supposed to make fun of Marley. you balaspheme.


Cheezy said...

How did Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
-Wi' jam in!

What did Bob Marley say when his wife left him and took the TV?
-No Woman, No Sky.

I'm allowed to take the piss though, cos I think loads of his music was great :)